Paul Laros

About me

Programmers are the brain that never switchs Off.

Programming is like a babe, you need to feed it to grow up! That is why Moe sees his self as a programmer that should always educate himself to grow. Right now and beside his job at Cybercom Group, Moe is studying for master degrees in Software Engineering at Chalmers University Sweden. He is Computer Engineer graduated from University West in Sweden. He works as C# back-end software developer. He have developed his skills and achieved a high level where he can deliver well organized web-, mobile- and computer applications. He is both team worker, an independent programmer and a good system requirements analyzer and architect. Lately, he got involved in different project for different companies across the world because of his ambition and fast development of his experience to become one of the rare programmers.

He is intressted in different programming languages as Swift, Java, NodeJS and others, but C# is his favorite programming language.

He see his myself as a positive and happy person who tries to develop all the time and face all kinds of troubles. Life learned him to fight and never give up to achieve all his dreams. He will never stop what he started untill he is done with it. Next step for him is to become a senior programmer as soon as possible and help microsoft and programmers community to develop.

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